‘Nexus: As It Happened’ Graphic Novel Review

Release by Rude Dude Productions in 2009, Nexus: As It Happened is a graphic novel that collects early Capital Comics issues of the sci-fi hero. They are written by Mike Baron and drawn by Steve Rude.

Horatio Hellpop is the superhero known as Nexus. Living on the planet Ylum with aliens he has saved in the past, he is appointed by a powerful alien race called the Merk to act as an executioner for humans who have committed genocide. He hates his role but does it because if he does not, the Merk will send nightmares to him that will eventually kill him. News reporter Sundra Peale arrives on Ylum and interacts with the refugees on his planet, much to Nexus’ annoyance. However, the two begin to grow close, but on Earth, a group of government officials wants to figure out the source of Nexus’ power and use it.

It is no secret that I think Mike Baron is an exceptional writer and Steve Rude is a talented artist. Their work here on Nexus certainly proves it. While this particular released in black and white, you can still Rude’s excellence in drawing characters, space travel, and action.

One of the coolest things about Nexus is how tragic he is. He does not desire to be a hero, much less an executioner. He wants to be free of the nightmares but finds himself trapped. As others search for the power, he actively seeks to get rid of it. It was clever and gives the character a lot of depth. It is that perfect blend of showing a tragic hero and it is brilliantly told.

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