‘Captain Corinth’ Volume 1 Manga Highlight

Captain Corinth: The Galactic Navy Officer Becomes an Adventurer Volume 1 is a manga based on a science fiction light novel series by Atsuhiko Itoh. It is illustrated by Tomomasa Takuma and has character designs by the artist known as himesuz. It is published by Kadokawa in Japan and licensed to One Peace Books in the United States.

Captain Corinth is the commanding officer on the starship Iris Conrad. Humanity is engaged in a war with powerful insect-like aliens known as Bugs. His vessel comes under heavy fire and he is forced to make a crash landing. He still has his ship’s AI, which continues to help him. He encounters a young woman named Cleria who lost her arm and leg in a fight with terrifying creatures who killed her traveling companions. She becomes with Corinth who learns her language and uses his technology to give her medical aid. He desires to get back into space but accepts he could be stranded on this planet while his allies search for him.

This manga series has the perfect blend of science fiction and magic with its world-building and character development. It was a compelling read to see how Corinth would react to this new world and how Cleria reacts to this newcomer on her land. I cannot wait to see how it will develop, as it was a good read that definitely scratched that sci-fi itch I was feeling.

As for the artwork, I really loved the cover, I thought it captured the essence of the plot in a good way. I also think the illustrations on the pages are pretty good. It does its job of complementing the story with the character designs, action, and background work.

Henceforth, the series will be referred to as simply “Captain Corinth” on StudioJake Media except on certain occasions.

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