‘Spy × Family’ Anime Season 1 Part 2 Review

Spy x Family is a spy action comedy from the Japanese animation production companies Wit Studios and CloverWorks. It is based on the Shonen Jump manga by Tatsuya Endo and was released in the United States by Crunchyroll. After a successful launch, season one continues.

Westalis super spy Twilight (Alex Organ) is living in a neighboring country Ostania disguised as a therapist named Loid Forager. He is a part of Operation Strix, which is for him to get close to a rising politician to determine if he wants to end a Cold War through war or peace. Helping him are his adopted daughter Anya (Megan Shipman), who is secretly a telepath, and his wife Yor (Natalie Van Sistine), who moonlights as an assassin, unknown to him. Anya tries to get close to a child of the politician, though he rebuffs her even after she gets a dog named Bond (Tyler Walker). However, Twilight is stunned that his colleague Fiona Frost (Lindsay Seidel, Bryn Apprill) aka Nightfall has arrived as backup. Anya reads the woman’s mind and discovers very quickly that Frost is in love with Loid and is determined to take over the operation. Meanwhile, Yor’s nosy brother Yuri Briar (Dallas Reid) also wants to disrupt the family as he does not like Loid.

This section picks up right where part one ended and it is just as good. The showrunners found a good balance of working with the action side and the sitcom sequences as well. I found the scenes of Yor, an assassin, trying to be a homemaker and even having to get help from a colleague to teach her how to cook.

Probably my favorite part are the tennis episodes. When we first meet Frost, we do not understand her motivations in potentially disrupting a highly classified operation, but when we realize how she is in love with Loid, it comes into focus. This comes to fruition when she and Loid take place in an underground tennis tournament to win what they think is a painting with a hidden message. It was hilarious to watch her try to impress Loid and him being oblivious to the fact that she clearly has feelings for him. It made for some pretty funny moments.

The rest of the arc was hilarious as we watch Loid try to get close to his target, Anya’s attempts to help him, and Yor enjoying the life of a civilian despite being known in the underworld as the Thorn Princess. They had a lot of elements to juggle and they succeeded on every level. I cannot wait to see how the anime develops further.

Check out the clip below:

This review is based on the English dub.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Some rude humor, Minor foul language, Cartoonish violence

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