‘Tomorrow Girl Vs. Kamen America’ Graphic Novel Review

Tomorrow Girl Vs. Kamen America is a crossover between two heroines of the indie comic book scene. It is written by Alfred Perez with artwork from Ben Dunn.

Tomorrow Girl finds herself battling aliens from the Amazonian Empire who plan on adding Earth to their conquered planets. As the fight rages on, another person enters the scene. It is none other than the leader of the Kamen Corp, the one called Kamen America. Is this newcomer a friend or foe? And what do they do when it seems even Tomorrow Man is at the mercy of the invaders.

The artwork from Ben Dunn is pretty good, albeit a bit cartoonish. He does a good job with the character designs, though Tomorrow Man squinting for the majority of his appearances was an interesting choice. That being, I did think it was good and sleek, even with how Kamen America was drawn.

Not being familiar with Tomorrow Girl, I did not know what to expect. I grabbed a copy because I am a huge fan of the Kamen America series by Iconic Comics and saw that they had endorsed it. I was not disappointed. It is clearly meant for young adults, but I enjoyed it. Perez does a good job of not making his female characters seem like Mary Sues, giving them some cool moments for the reader to enjoy.

Here is a blank version of the cover:

In full disclosure, I supported the crowdfunding campaign that produced this graphic novel.

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