‘Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody’ Volume 8 Manga Highlight

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody is an isekai manga created by Hiro Ainana with artwork by Ayamegumu. This eighth volume had its original character design done by Shri. It is published by Kadokawa and released in the United States by Yen Press.

As Satou and his merry band continue their journey to bring Elf Princess Mia back to her home, they run into a little bit more trouble. As they cross into a new land, they encounter bandits who have ravaged the land, orphaned children, and a haunted castle. However, nothing could prepare them for an undead lord who has conquered the land and will stop anyone from lifting his powerful curse.

The protagonist continues his journey in another world. Originally a video game designer, he fell asleep under his desk and woke up in this fantasy world. Unlike other isekai, Satou thinks he is stuck in a dream, but this volume hints that he is considering the possibility he has been summoned to a new world. Before, he would be more reckless thinking he would just wake up. Now, he is more cautious and strategizes more before going into action.

To this end, it was good to see Satou grow and learn, along with his little family. I do think the quest to return Mia is dragging on a bit and I am not a fan of the lewd humor it brings, but I am still enjoying watching the magic and the world materialize.

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