Top 10 Actors To Play Batman For The New DCEU

It would appear by all accounts that Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Films are going a different direction than was laid out by the original DCEU plan due to recent poor box office performances. Of course, that will include Ben Affleck as the second-worst Batman. That being said, there are a plethora of talented actors out there who could don the mask. In no particular order, here is a list of actors I’d like to see play Batman for the new DC Extended Universe.

10. Christian Bale – Bring back the guy who brought Batman into the 21st Century. I mean, why not? He would be great in the role. He already was in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight triology.

09. Stephen Baldwin – One of the saner Baldwin brothers and one of the few who has not shot someone on set.

08. Chris Pratt – In a world where actors are jumping film franchises, Pratt has proven he can tackle humor as well as gritty action thrillers.

07. Jonathan Groff – He has made several appearances, but his role in Mindhunter convinced me he could pull off the Dark Knight.

06. Andrew Garfield – After playing Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield has the depth to play a Bruce Wayne who is a bit younger and in his prime.

05. Adam Baldwin – He’s got the look and the acting chops to pull playing the Cape Crusader, bringing an edge to the character.

04. Mike Vogel – After playing the leader of an elite US special-ops team, he’s proved that he could play an action-themed character.

03. Alex O’Laughlin – From Hawaii to Gotham City, I think he could bring a certain skill to the role as he definitely proved he has action quality.

02. Matthew Marsden – The British star has experience in several genres, including action, psychological thrillers, and horror. He could pull off the Batman.

01. Brett Dalton – After going from hero to villain (twice) in Agents of SHIELD, he’s definitely got the chops to play a character like Batman on the silver screen.

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