‘Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers Volume 5’ Light Novel Highlight

Volume five is the penultimate entry in the Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers fantasy light novel series written by Ishio Yamagata and illustrated by Miyagi.

Adlet, Fremy, Goldof, Chamo, Mora, Hans, and Rolonia are forced into an alliance with the Fiend commander Dozzu and the traitor Nashentania as they find the Temple of Fate. They are working to find the weapon called the Black Barrenbloom, but after finding some hieroglyphs, Fremy deduces that she is the weapon. This causes a rift in the group with Adlet wanting to protect her and Hans wanting to kill her. With tensions rising, the group once again begins to accuse one another of being the Seventh, a spy planted by the Fiends. Meanwhile, the Field general Tgurneu awaits to kill them as the Devil King awakens with his powerful demon army.

This one had some incredible story-building. I will say, the Braves seem to jump from place to place pretty quickly, but the bulk of this story remained in the Temple of Fate. So many secrets were revealed, the origin of Fremy and how the Fiend army betrayed her after Chamo defeated her prior to the events of the first book. However, the identity of the Seventh was the biggest draw and it was shocking. It was a thrilling adventure and one that makes me wait with anticipation for the finale.

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