‘From Recliner to Revival: Living Your Best Life After Eighty’ Book Highlight

From Recliner to Revival: Living Your Best Life After Eighty is the autobiography of Beverly Albrecht, a woman who returned to seminary and made many missionary travels in the later years of her life. It was edited by Sarah Wind and self-published.

From the book’s description,

“Who says you’re too old? Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean your best days are behind you. They may be just up ahead, if you’re brave enough to venture toward them and find out.

When Beverly Albrecht was eighty-two, she decided to follow the Lord’s guidance and prophetic words that were given to her, by moving from the Midwest to attend Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) in Redding, California. That began a journey of making new friends and ministering around the world. Her life trajectory switched from recliner to revival.

If you are one who thinks you’re too old to live your dream, go back to school, or pursue world-wide ministry, this story will inspire you. Taking a leap will require courage, but God will be with you, just like He was with Beverly. You won’t regret leaving your comfort zone behind.”

This is a short, but charming story about a woman who did not let age get in the way of the call of God on her life. Despite being a widow and in her eighties, she traveled to California to study the Word of God and would later go on missions trips to spread the Gospel. It is an inspirational tale that shows that when God calls you into a life of service, He will make a way.

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