Top 10 Best Wonder Woman Costumes

The Amazon Princess known as Diana of Themyscara has been a proud member of the DC Comics universe as Wonder Woman since her debut in 1941. While she is mainly known for her red, white, and blue costume, she has worn a variety of other outfits throughout the years. Here are the Top 10 Best Wonder Woman Costumes:


Secret Agent Wonder Woman

Cathy Lee Crosby portrayed a version of Wonder Woman in a failed TV pilot. In this one, she is trying to stop a villain from stealing top-secret government plans.

10. Classic

In her first appearance, Wonder Woman donned a magic rope and battled the evil Axis Powers in World War 2. She was a member of the All-Star Squadron, the Justice Society of America, and the Justice League.

09. Bombshells

Done in the style of a pin-up model, Wonder Woman is ready to say, “We can do it!”

08. Rebirth

After the end of the New 52, Diana joins the DC Trinity along with allies Batman and Superman to fight evil. They find themselves up against the wall.

07. Injustice 2

Joining Superman, Wonder Woman leads an army of superheroes to take over the world and conquer it. In the second video game, she trains Superman’s cousin Supergirl to fight the Justice League.

06. New 52

After the Final Crisis, the DC Universe became different with the introduction of the New 52. Wonder Woman certainly changed, now sporting a sword and a shield, she was also revamped as a daughter of Zeus.

05. DCEU

Gal Gadot portrays Wonder Woman in the cinematic franchise DC Extended Universe where she takes on Doomsday and other forces.

04. Batsuit

A lot of you are rolling your eyes at how I manage to fit Batman into anything article. In the comics, the Dark Knight and the Amazonian Princess briefly date. She moves to Gotham City and dons a suit to match her new boyfriend’s aesthetic.

03. Just Imagine

Stan Lee revises Wonder Woman as Maria Mendoza, a woman who gets her powers from an Incan deity.

02. Golden Armor

Seen in virtually all versions of the superhero, the Golden Armor is used in the most desperate of moments when it goes beyond crime.


The New Adventures

Okay, so the costume is basically the classic, but you cannot have a Wonder Woman list without Lynda Carter.

01. Traditional

This is the suit that defined Wonder Woman. Even if she gets an upgrade, DC Comics always returns to this classic outfit where she fights for peace.

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