‘A Tale of the Secret Saint’ Volume 1 Manga Highlight

A Tale of the Secret Saint is a fantasy manga series based on a light novel by Japanese author Touya. The manga is illustrated by Mahito Aobe and published by Seven Seas Entertainment.

Fia is the youngest daughter in a family of knights. Her father, two older brothers, and sister are all knights, but she is expected to become a healer. Determined to prove them wrong, she does the knight examination which requires the participant to get a “core” of a monster. During the event, she happens upon a dragon and heals it. The dragon at first attacks and renders her unconscious, she then sees that she is the reincarnation of a saint who defeated the demon king, was betrayed by her troops, and murdered by an enemy who vowed to kill her again should she reincarnate. Awakening, she has found that the dragon has given her a portion of his power, realizing Fia saved him. Passing the test, she vows to keep her past life as a Saint a secret as she knows the killer is still out there, but pretending to be an ordinary knight proves troublesome.

In the modern landscape of the entertainment industry, it is difficult to find a good female role model for daughters. For some reason, beauty and grace have been replaced with snark and selfishness. Not so with Fia. Though she is weak physically she is fierce, bold, and determined.

The artwork in this series is pretty cool. There was nothing mind-blowing about it, but I did think it was very good and I loved how the uniforms for the Knights are drawn.

While the dragon does give her a bit of a boost, she does not instantly become awesome, instead, she questions herself and compares herself to her family members. However, because of the skills she unlocked from her previous Sainthood, she has to keep quiet about her abilities. This causes some awkward moments, making it fun to watch her adventure. This would be a good alternative to pick up if you are looking for something wholesome for your daughter to read.

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