Taiyou Con 2023: First Anime Con Of The Year

Then it was time… for my super cute wife and I to attend Taiyou Con, our first anime convention of the year!

This would be our second convention since our move to Arizona, so we did not know what to expect. Uwu Con was so great last year, so this time, we wanted the start of our first full year to be awesome. We were not disappointed.

The artist galley was packed with some pretty amazing artists, many of whom were local, but of course, some drove long hours to be there. We picked up several pieces from some of our favorite anime and were impressed with the talent of many of them. The same is true of the local vendors. Several local stores that specialized in Asian snacks were there and yes, we did indulge.

I also have to compliment the staff. The volunteers, team, and even the local Mesa PD officers there were incredibly friendly and professional. I have attended conventions where it was chaos and the staff rude, not so here. They worked it very smoothly with only a few minor hiccups.

Both my wife and I were tied for two favorite things: the panels and the food trucks. In the latter, the food was pretty amazing and while, unfortunately, we did not get to sample every food truck, each one we did had some delicious snacks.

As for the panels, they were the best. My super cute wife does not usually like panels, preferring the art galley, fashion, and video game demonstrations. This time, even she enjoyed them. Personally, my favorite was the voice acting discussion with voice actor Paul St. Peter (Robotech, Naruto). He let a few of us in the audience read lines for him and I was one of the lucky ones. My super cute wife managed to get a snapshot of it.

We both had a good time at Taiyou Con and we plan on attending next year.

Their website describes the event as follows,

“Taiyou Con is an intense 3 day anime experience at the Mesa Convention Center! We are celebrating all things Japanese culture – anime, cosplay, video games, shopping, special guests and much more with over 300 hours of interactive activities just for YOU.

We provide an immersive environment for passionate anime fans and cosplayers. When you’re here, anime is life! Our 14 years of experience in running conventions makes sure that you have the most anime immersive weekend of the year with your friends.

Your favorite voice actor, artist, or cosplay extraordinaire come to life. This isn’t just an anime convention with a vendor hall and some guest signings… it’s an anime convention experience.”

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