‘Batman/Spawn’ Issue 1 Comic Book Review

Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo are reunited for the epic DC and Image Comics crossover Batman/Spawn. The Dark Knight and the One have an encounter in Gotham City that will change them.

Spawn is told by a mysterious owl that the Black Beast of Gotham City has stolen the soul of his deceased wife. Traveling to Earth Prime, he encounters Batman who was lured to Crime Alley thank to the Court of the Owls. The Hellspawn and the Caped Crusader engage in a brutal fight with each not giving a quarter. As Talon watches for the shadows, the Joker also makes some plans.

First of all, the artwork is fantastic. Greg Capullo did the artwork while McFarlane did the coloring. It is brilliant. Capullo is a fantastic artist and it truly shows here. He did such a good job with the fight between the two anti-heroes, making it sleek and cool. Through that, you definitely see they sampled comic book designs of the late 90s and early 2000s with the designs and I am here for it.

As for the story, it too riffs off that nostalgia. Not to repeat myself, but I am here for it. McFarlane definitely knows what the fans want and he did a good job of highlighting the differences between Batman and Spawn. The story clearly takes place in the New 52 as Joker is without a face like in the “Death of the Family” story arc. I think that makes sense considering that is where Capullo made his name in the DC Universe. It provided a good place for the plot. It was cool and fun.

Batman has virtually been carrying DC Comics so it is no surprise he is the one who got the crossover with Image. I enjoyed the comic book a great deal and, for the first time in a long time, I am excited about a series. I hope that it can keep that momentum.

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