My Favorite TV Show And Limited Series Of 2022

The landscape for television series was a bit sparse. That being said, 2022 did have a few gold nuggets when it comes to both TV shows and limited series. We had sci-fi action, revenge thrillers, dramas, and psychological thrillers. Here are My Favorite TV Show And Limited Series Of 2022:

The Lincoln Lawyer (Season 1)

It is all tied together with a twist ending you are not expecting. It kept me hooked to the point where I watched it in two days and that rarely happens.

Under the Banner of Heaven

I found the miniseries to be engaging and enthralling. It definitely presented an intriguing case and look into the way religion can hurt or help a person, family, or community.

The Staircase

It was very good and I think it will bring in some accolades, especially for the cast.

The Dropout

I found the story of Elizabeth Holmes entertaining to watch and thought that the show presented the story in an interesting and entertaining way.

The Girl from Plainville

I thought the filmmakers crafted the tale in a good way and while it has some hiccups, such as certain main characters disappearing toward the end, I found it enthralling.


I was happy to hear it got renewed for a second season as I think it has a good thing going on.


I enjoyed the series. Andor is a compelling character and Diego Luna does a good job playing him. He is troubled, flawed, and strong.

The Patient

I was glued to the television. I have not felt this way about a show in a long time. It truly works with its story and pushes itself to the limit.

A Friend of the Family

I loved how the real Jan Broberg gave an introduction to the series and at the end, it highlighted her organization for fighting sexual abuse.

The Terminal List

If I could compare it, the show is similar in tone to the Taken films, but instead of a rescue, it is about revenge. I was impressed with it and enjoyed Chris Pratt’s performance.

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