Top 10 WORST Movies Of 2022

There were so many bad films in 2022, I almost considered adding more films. I even toyed with the possibility of doing a two-part list. After some deliberation, I ultimately decided to go ahead with my standard format. Here are my Top 10 WORST Movies Of 2022:

The 355

So, it had a good set-up and premise, but the writing and woke content failed its actresses making it seem mediocre and tired.

The Munsters

Another reboot that felt like a cheap knockoff instead of a homage. I applaud the cast for doing their best, but it does not save the movie from being boring.


Sony’s vampire flick is not even good for a laugh. It is a boring, dull, and disappointing addition to the alternative Marvel Universe.


This Disney Plus entry does not even appear to be a film. It is just another product off the current Disney regime’s endless line of brands.


The Stephen King adaption has some decent performances and a good setup, but it failed to capitalize on it. From there, it descends into mediocrity and is not a bit scary.

The Princess

It is written like bad fan fiction and has no understanding of the place in history where it takes place.

Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers

This is a mediocre grift with no substance. It is just more nostalgia bait that turns into an insult aimed at the fans.


If you want to watch a movie where the characters make the dumbest decisions and utter the stupidest dialogue, this is the film for you. It is so bad it’s good.


I know Netflix has a reputation for uploading bad films, but it’s on another level. This is one of those films you find on a free streamer or uploaded randomly to YouTube. It could barely be called a work of cinema.


Here’s a boring film that has a lackluster protagonist and not one iota of thrills for the overall murder mystery. Just skip it and count your blessing as you will find more interest in a true crime documentary.

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