This Is The Reason I Don’t Do New Year’s Resolutions

Every year, I see many of my friends and acquaintances posting about their New Year’s Resolutions, which is a list of goals that they want to accomplish in their life in the upcoming year. With 2023 happening tomorrow, I am seeing it happen all over again. Several years ago, I was right along with this cultural thing. I would not post them publicly, but I would have a list somewhere that I would want to fulfill.

I have decided that I do not want to do this anymore. Why? Most New Year’s Resolutions are easy-to-find and somewhat benign. Those should be done without the faux motivation of an approaching new year. For the more serious, life-changing goals, I find it is easier to work toward that goal without the aid of a tradition.

As a Christian, I turn to the Bible and my faith to help me become not only a better person mentally, physically, or emotionally but also spiritually. I find that if you take care of yourself spiritually, you will grow as a person. Practice doing good deeds, pray (pray a lot), study the Bible, worship, and seek Christ in all his fullness. He is the way, the truth, and the life.

Please note, I’m not saying once you become a Christian, your life becomes totally easy. That’s false. However, as I follow Christ, I find that I do not need a New Year’s Resolution to improve and grow as a person. I do not plan on making a listicle anymore for the search for growth. I plan on growing in spirit and truth as I follow Christ.

So, do you still do New Year’s Resolutions?

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