StudioJake End of Year 2022 Catch-Up Part 2

If you missed the StudioJake Vidcast entries, no problem! I have you covered. You can play catch-up here.

Iron Man has been accepted into the National Film Registry.

The film that launched the MCU gets an upgrade.

‘Wonder Woman’ Director Patty Jenkins Denies Quitting

Monster director Patty Jenkins denies that she quit production of ‘Wonder Woman 3’ after a falling out with DC Films. Whichever way this goes, it seems that the entertainment media is set on causing drama for Warner Bros. Discovery after several projects got cut.

Henry Cavill Is Out As Superman

‘The Witcher’ actor Henry Cavill is officially out as Superman. The celebrity confirmed his departure on a social media post with co-director of DC Films James Gunn confirming. What is Gunn thinking? Nothing at all, if you ask me.

JesterBell Ends My Acting Career…

Fellow commentator JesterBell ends my acting career. Watch and be stunned!

Johnny Depp Gets Some Good News

Johnny Depp got some more good news when it was announced that his ex-wife Amber Heard will settle and not pursue the appeal to his defamation case. Will Depp return to the high seas? Who knows? This is still a big win for him and his supporters.

Scarlet Spider To Appear In ‘Across The Spider-Verse?’

Judging from a new poster released by Sony Pictures Animation, Scarlet Spider will be appearing in the sequel ‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.’ Will this movie do him justice? Oh, will the cartoon Spectacular Spider-Man appear?

Ruined Fan Favorite Franchises | End Of The Year Christmas Live Special

As the season finale of StudioJake, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I will also go over some of the fan favorite franchises that have been destroyed by corporate overlords caving to political pandering and social media weirdos.

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