StudioJake End of Year 2022 Catch-Up Part 1

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From the description, “‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ is heading to theaters. Are there red flags? Ryan Coogler is a talented director, but I do not trust Disney or Marvel Studios with being able to secure a sequel. With Chadwick Boseman gone, how will this film series move forward? I share my thoughts.”

A few comments on my ‘Wanda Forever’ red flags video made me laugh, so I decided to read them to you and debunk them with style. Check out these hilarious triggered screes that make up the audience that Disney and Marvel Studios cater to.

The animated sequel ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’ is going to have some cool versions of Spider-Man and it is rumored some special guest stars may make an appearance. The rumor mentions Tom Holland’s version of the character as well as the PS4 Spider-Man.

Once seen as a sci-fi that shows the hope and enlightenment of humanity entering the final frontier, Star Trek has now become a nihilistic look at the heroes it claims to represent. The folks running it now have totally forgotten Gene Roddenberry’s vision for the series. How do we fix it?

With Netflix tapping ‘Lady Bird’ director Greta Gerwig to direct a new adaption of CS Lewis’ ‘The Chronicles of Narnia,’ can we be confident in this adaption? Considering Netflix’s negative aptitude for developing adaptions, it is a safe assumption that it will be ‘The Rings of Power’ again.

‘Full House’ star Candace Cameron Bure announced that she is leaving Hallmark for the Great American Family Channel due to disputes with the direction of their films. Predictably, a bunch of haters on social media formed a mob to attack her. She responded perfectly.

On a late Sunday night, Disney announced that they had ousted Bob Chapek as their CEO. They have reinstated former CEO Bob Iger, who was responsible for hiring Kathleen Kennedy. There is something big going on with the House of Mouse.

‘Death Proof’ director Quentin Tarantino goes on a bitter rant against Marvel films, backtracks, and then attacks the actors in them. He joins the chorus of envious filmmakers who are jealous of the success of their peers. Is there any sense in these bizarre rants? I break it down.

Prior to the time of the Slappening, I was invited to participate in a podcast event where various indie pop culture commentators would do an alternative to the Oscars. After showing some support for the Freedom Convoy, I was politely told not to come. This is that story.

Just a little channel update for all of you awesome viewers!

Timothy Lim and Mark Pellegrini brings us the next phase of the Kamen America sage with volume 6. This will be a fun journey and I cannot wait to see what is next for the Kamen Corp. I always love these indie comics from the Iconic Comics imprint.

Elizabeth Banks’ newest upcoming project ‘Cocaine Bear’ is based on a real incident, though exaggerations are sure to come. With the poster revealed, it has generated a lot of talk. Will it become the box office juggernaut Hollywood needs?

Not to sound dramatic, but I don’t like the new design of the Maximal leader Optimus Primal nor how Paramount is changing the Predacons. For appearing in the Transformers show ‘Beast Wars,’ Primal did not look like that. I have some very serious thoughts on the upcoming Transformers sequel or reboot or whatever.

The trailer dropped for the upcoming Netflix documentary about Prince Harry and ‘Deal Or No Deal’ star Meghan Markle. The trailer asks if should hear their story from them, but we’ve heard it over and over again. Nonstop. It’s starting to get annoying actually.

Spider-Man and the X-Men are teaming up to defeat the clones Ben Reilly and Madelyne Pryor in the new Marvel Comics miniseries ‘Dark Web.’ The series reads like the writers do not know the history of the characters, showcasing the lack of creativity at the comic book publisher.

In this video, I discuss the poor box office returns for ‘Black Adam’ and ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ as well as the poor ratings for ‘Andor.’ What went wrong? I share my thoughts on how the movie studios can fix it.

‘The Hunger Games’ star Jennifer Lawrence claims in an interview that her role as Katniss was the first female action hero and that audiences would not like a female action star. Is she nuts? The narcissism of modern day Hollywood is stunning.

In this series entry, I discuss Lee Bermejo and his amazing artwork gallery ‘Dear Detective’ from DC Comics. It showcases his unbelievable talent at drawing Batman and Gotham City.

After botching ‘Cowboy Bebop’ and pretty much any anime they get their hands on, Netflix is planning on getting their tentacles on ‘My Hero Academia.’ Sure, they are partnering with Legendary Entertainment but considering their track record with anime, I am NOT excited.

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