Woke Lost A Few Battles, But The War To Save Pop Culture Marches On

Woke SJWs have infiltrated every aspect of the entertainment industry. This has affected titles that I love including Batman, Star Trek, Perry Mason, Sherlock Holmes, Transformers among others. That does not even include the ones I do not follow such as Indiana Jones, He-Man, Dr. Who, The Witcher, and the list goes on.

Corporate overlords such as Disney have taken over beloved franchises. In Dinsey’s case, Star Wars, Marvel Comics, Pixar, and other properties after their acquisition of 20th Century Studios are under the Mouse’s thumb. They ridiculed the fans and average viewers in favor of a “modern audience” who preached woke ideology, political correctness, and communism, demanding bent knees in favor of hashtags.

Fortunately, fans and these corporate overlords quickly found out that the “modern audience” either does not have any money from their jobs posting on social media or their parents will not give them a ride to buy a ticket or DVD.

When all of this started, your average watcher would just try out a piece of content because it had a familiar title, despite warnings from the fans. They too soured to the woke content after a time.

Unfortunately, the corporate overlords that own these intellectual properties continued to bow to these social media activists. Fans refused to endorse projects like Obi-Wan Kenobi, which took a great Jedi Master and turned him into a beta male who has to take orders from a spoiled brat. The everyday audience member quickly agreed with the angry fans and these projects could no longer rely on name recognition or online bullying to put butts in seats.

Now, with the failure of Masters of the Universe: Revelations, The Thirteenth Doctor, She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, The Rings of Power, etc., it seems that those who are woke weary have proven an axiom. Go woke, go broke.

This is truly a great moment as it led to upcoming woke projects like Batgirl and Rogue Squadron being canceled, MCU Phase 5 being retooled, and the release of non-politically correct projects like The Terminal List to move forward.

While DC Comics’ “Joker War” showed the Caped Crusader getting lectured about his privilege by an actual murderer, “Three Jokers” and “One Dark Knight” returned Batman to his roots.

This is a bulwark moment in the culture war that shows these entertainment companies that while woke projects like Thor: Love & Thunder will fail, creative projects like Spider-Man: No Way Home will succeed.

Those of us who want to save pop culture cannot take a break, however. These politically correct keyboard warriors influencing the corporate overlords are like leeches. It takes a little bit of flame to take them out. We will continue to hear of woke projects and we must continue to let them fail. It is the only way Hollywood and the rest of the entertainment industry will learn.

So if the fight is not over, where do we go from here?

First of all, let it burn.

Do not cede any territory to the corporate overlords or the “modern audience” they love to chase. Hold the line and continue to gatekeep our beloved franchises.

Fans and audience goers owe the entertainment industry NOTHING. We owe bupkis to the celebrities, filmmakers, cinemas, record labels, TV studios, streaming services, game developers, or whatever.

Secondly, support the originals.

If you are subscribed to any streaming services, do not watch the new stuff, enjoy the old. Stream the original Willow over and over again and ignore the “reboot.” If you have Netflix, watch the original anime Cowboy Bebop and ignore their “destructed” live-action version. Buy the original Walker, Texas Ranger on DVD, do not DVR the CW remake that turns its title character into a weakling.

Finally, create your own franchises or support those who do.

If you are not fond of how the entertainment treated a universe you love? Design that game. Write that book. Draw that comic. Film that skit. If you do not find that advantageous, support those who do. There are a lot of alternatives. Seek them out and find them.

Do not stop the fight. Those of us who love pop culture and hate seeing it become corrupted by these woke weirdos and their bootlickers must not give up or take a rest. We won some battles, but we are a long way off from winning the war.

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