15 Non-Woke TV Shows And Films For Mature Audiences

After the kids go to the bed, you might be wondering what to watch, but the politically correct and woke features are driving you crazy. Even though 2022 had slim pickings when it came to straightforward content, a few of them did slip. In no particular order, here are 15 Non-Woke TV Shows And Films For Mature Audiences:

Father Stu

The true story of a young man who had a near-death experience and studied to become a priest, only to get a diagnosis that changes his life.


Based on a series of novels, this Prime Video action thriller follows a drifter who is hunting down his brother’s killer.


After being disciplined by a jealous bishop, a frustrated priest finds himself in a deadly deal with a hacker.

The Terminal List

The last survivor of a unit, a former soldier discovers a vast conspiracy when his family gets killed.

The Patient

A therapist is kidnapped by his serial killer patient who is demanding a “cure” for his condition in this miniseries.

Terror on the Prairie

Gina Carano stars as a mother living in the West who finds herself under siege by a violent gang of horsemen.

The Silent Sea

As the Earth is dying, a group of Korean astronauts is sent to a moon base where a deadly accident occurred to retrieve data that could save the planet. This TV show is based on a short film by a South Korean director.


In the midst of civil unrest, a young boy thinks his neighbor might be a vigilante who disappeared years ago.

The Outfit

A cutter who frequently has criminal clients finds himself in the middle of a showdown when a variety of gangs want a mysterious package.

The Contrast

As a woman prepares to marry, she does not realize her fiance is cheating on her and that he is in severe debt.


Based on a real crime, a typical church mom finds herself accused of a heinous crime when her neighbor is brutally murdered with an ax in this miniseries.

Top Gun: Maverick

In this epic sequel, Tom Cruise returns as ace pilot “Maverick” who has to train some new aviators for a special mission.

The Northman

A young Viking vows revenge when his uncle stages a coup by murdering his father.

See How They Run

An ambivalent Scotland Yard detective and a rookie must solve the case of a murder involving some of England’s biggest celebrities.


This film starring Johnny Depp tells the story of a bitter photojournalist who is sent to Japan to investigate the case of a corporation poisoning their water.

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