Anne Wilson and Josh Turner: “The Manger” Music Review

Contemporary music artist Anne Wilson and Country singer Josh Turner come together for the Christmas duet “The Manger.” The song is featured on a holiday EP of the same name.

This is a truly wonderful song that captures just how humble Christ was to come as a baby born in a manger. The lyrics and even the music video displays this. The song is an excellent expression of how much the singers love Jesus and worship him. They both bring their Christmas best with their voices working well together for this duet. I had a good time listening to it and felt the Christmas spirit.

The music video was also well-produced. Anne Wilson and Josh Turner sing inside a barn similar to the one where Christ was born. It definitely complimented the song and brought about the holiday theme.

Check out the music video below:

Anne Wilson said on her social media, “The holiday season…a time of joy for some and pain for others. I find myself somewhere in the middle this upcoming season. The joy of Christmas is slowly seeping through my heart again. The lights and the decorations are now bringing me some sense of peace for the first time in 6 years. But in the midst of it all, I’ve realized the ache and pain of loss is still lingering so heavily.”

She continued, “The memories of my brother and our family together fill my mind and soul. There’s a feeling of sorrow that’s constantly flowing throughout this season. For those reading this who can relate, know that you’re not alone. Christmas doesn’t have to be the happiest time of year. The reality is that for some people, Christmas only brings deep pain and grief. I wrote a song last year and the lyrics in the chorus are the most beautiful reminder. “When thrills of hope don’t find you, He loves you just the same.” Know that Jesus loves you no matter what joy you have in your heart.”

“He understands the depths of your pain and chooses to weep with you. Cling to the truth that Jesus loves you through it all and promises to never leave your side. May you experience a glimmer of hope this Holiday season as you walk through the valley. God’s got you,” she concluded.

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