5 Christmas Books For Kids

Stories from Christmas have captivated readers, especially young ones for years. If you are a parent and not sure what Christmas-themed book to get your kid, there is a lot to choose from. Some are fantastical, others are colorful, and others tell the story of Jesus Christ. In no particular order, here are five Christmas books for kids:

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Charles Schlutz brings his “Peanuts” characters to life with this story of Charlie Brown directing a Christmas play. At first, he grows frustrated with how the play is growing, but an encounter with a little Christmas tree brings it to life.

Saint Nicholas: A Veggie Christmas Story

Writer Karen Poth and illustrator John Trauscht tell the story of Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber helping Saint Nicholas. How will this help Christmas? Only time will tell.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Dr. Suess tells the story of all the Whos who live in Whoville. As they get ready for Christmas, their neighbor the Grinch hates all of the noise. With a heart three sizes too small, he decides to ruin the holiday for all of the Whos.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol

In a retelling of Charles Dickens’ classic tale, Mickey Mouse takes on the role of Bob. He is the employee of Scrooge who is visited by three spirits and goes on a journey to discover Christmas.

The Very First Christmas

Paul L. Maier writes and Francisco Ordaz illustrates the story of the Nativity. This book would go on to win the 1999 Gold Medallion.

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