Pentatonix with Meghan Trainor: “Kid On Christmas” Music Reivew

The all-vocal band Pentatonix joins pop singer Meghan Trainor for the song “Kid on Christmas,” complete with a music video. It was part of the album Holidays Around the World. You would not think that they would work together, but they do.

Before I talk about the song, I have to mention the music video. It has a retro feel, like a Christmas special from the seventies where the hosts would engage with the audience. Every performer wore a costume that looked like it was from the 1960s or 1970s and the way it was shot also fit that description. It reminded me of those old holiday television specials where a guest host would emcee and discuss whatever the show was at the time.

As for the music itself, I thought it was catchy. Pentatonix has a gift for making their songs come to life. Trainer also does a good with her lyrics, adding a flair to them. It is lively and the song reminds us how simple acts can bring the Christmas spirit.

Pentatonix has a good track record of covering Christmas hymns and songs, giving them a celebratory spin and this is true here as well. Trainer definitely brings her A-game for this cover and sings about it with lots of fun. She blends well with the all vocal band, complementing their style and the whole vibe of the song.

Check out the music video:

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