‘Killer Sally’ Miniseries Review

Killer Sally is a three-part true crime docuseries that tells the story of Sally McNeil, a former wrestler, and bodybuilder involved in a serious crime. The show is directed by Nanette Burstein and streams on Netflix.

Sally McNeil is a veteran, former bodybuilding, and amateur wrestler who was known as “Killer Sally.” After suffering years of abuse at the hands of her husband Ray, she shot him claiming he had “roid rage” and tried to strangle her. After her arrest, she pleaded self-defense, but prosecutors insist that the killing was murder.

Through interviews with Sally, her children, and her friends we get a glimpse of the volatile relationship that Sally had with her husband Ray. They paint a picture of years of physical, emotional, and financial abuse. They did show the other side by interviewing some of Ray’s friends and the prosecutor who claimed that Sally was not abused, but was just as volatile as him.

It was a good documentary series that told the story of how Ray and Sally met, their military careers, and how they got started in professional bodybuilding. It gave an inside look into that world and we see

In this reviewer’s opinion, I believe Sally. It was not one accusation, it was several, including police reports, not to mention a recording where the kids said Ray beat them as well. Was it overkill? Perhaps, but I think there was abuse in the home, clearly.

Check out the trailer below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Some violence, Thematic elements, Disturbing content, Foul language

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