‘Falling for Christmas’ Review- Cheesy Yuletide

Falling for Christmas is a romantic comedy centered around Christmas. It is directed by Janeen Damian in her directorial review. It had its premiere at the Paris Theater in Manhattan before being released on Netflix.

Spoiled hotel heiress Sierra Belmont (Lindsay Lohan) is staying at her father Beauregard Belmont’s (Jack Wagner) ski resort. When her influencer boyfriend Tad Fairchild (George Young) takes her out into the woods to propose, she slips and falls down the mountain. Found by single dad and local innkeeper Jake Russell (Chord Overstreet), she realizes she has lost her memory. He agrees to let her stay at his small hotel with his daughter Avy (Olivia Perez) and his mother-in-law Alejandra Carlisle (Alejandra Flores) if she helps out. She comes to love the small town and the inn as she and Jake grow closer.

It is good to see Lindsay Lohan back into acting. Growing up in the nineties, it seemed that her absence from the pop culture forefront felt odd in later years. I also appreciated the nod to Mean Girls with her singing “Jingle Bell Rock” for one of the film’s songs. She does a decent job in the movie and you definitely felt her channeling some of her early roles after her breakout success.

The rest of the cast does a decent job with their roles even with what they had to work with.

As for the movie, it is super cheesy. It hits all of the classic rom-com tropes. Gay best friend. Check. Obnoxious rich boyfriend. Check. Small town guy with a heart of gold. Check. Spoiled rich gal being humbled. Check. The same is true of the Christmas tropes. Struggling business. Check. An old man who may or may not be Santa. Check. A car fails so a sleigh takes over. Check. You would think they would throw in a curve ball, but nope, it hit all of the notes.

Netflix seems to want to compete with Hallmark for cheesy holiday features. In one sense, it is a break from the movies layered with strong foul language and inappropriate content. I appreciated it from that perspective as you could definitely watch it with the whole family. You may not laugh out loud at some of the humor, but it provides a good chuckle even if it is at the campy dialogue.

Bottom line, Falling For Christmas is a cheesy Christmas rom-com that brings back Lindsay Lohan. It is jolly, but there is a lot of cheese in this movie.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Some thematic elements, Minor violence

FAVORITE QUOTE: It’s too big.

Check out the trailer below:

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