Lindsey Stirling: “Snow Waltz” Music Review

Lindsey Stirling brings us “Snow Waltz,” the seventh song on the similarly titled album. It is the perfect way to introduce the Christmas season.

Once again, Lindsey Stirling delivers epically in both the song and the music video. It is meant to represent the weird transition from fall to winter, from Halloween to Christmas. The music video shows ghouls about to go into hibernation until they see snowflakes. Led by Stirling, they explore the Christmas decorations with wonder. The music is composed perfectly and helps usher in that warm feeling you get for the winter.

Check out the music video below:

“The title track is called ‘Snow Waltz.’ I went for a little bit of that fusion between Halloween and Christmas to kind of warm up the album,” Stirling told ABC8. “Because I feel like there’s a gray area, where, people are like it’s too early for Christmas, oh no I want to celebrate Halloween but I want Christmas music. So there are a lot of heated discussions that get almost political at some point. So I made a song that really toed that line well. And the music video was so fun. It’s very nightmare before Christmas and the skeleton meets the holiday’s vibe. It was so fun to make. I really love the song and I think it’s the perfect lead into the holidays.”

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