‘Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers Volume 4’ Light Novel Highlight

Rokka no Yūsha is a fantasy light novel series written by Japanese author Ishio Yamagata that is illustrated by Miyagi. It is known as Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers in the United States. It would go to get an anime adaption that ran for one season.

As the Braves continue their assault on the Howling Vilelands to destroy the leader of the demonic Fiends, they are forced into an uneasy alliance with the Fiend commander Dozzu and his traitorous human ally Princess Nashetania. With Adlet at the lead, they face an army of humans who have been turned into zombies by a Fiend. However, newcomer Rolonia believes that they can be saved. This makes the others wonder if she is the mysterious seventh, one of them destined to betray the other six Braves.

One thing I will say is that the illustrations in this volume are the best so far. Each volume has sort of a minimalist style when it comes to the artwork and it works, but the way the story is drawn in volume four is top-notch.

The plot is the most tragic of the series. While others have touched on various things, this time we get a glimpse of Adlet’s past and how his life was destroyed by his village, which sided with the Fiends. You also see his struggle in wanting to trust Rolonia, his dear friend, but her seeming obsession with curing the zombies makes even him doubt her. These kind of conflicts are what makes the stories so enjoyable to read as we approach the final battle.

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