‘The Wingfeather Saga’ Pilot Review

The Wingfeather Saga is an animated series adaption of the fantasy series of the same name by Andrew Peterson, who also acts as a producer for the show. It is being developed by Angel Studios and Shining Isle Productions with a planned first season of six episodes.

Humans live under the rule of lizards people, known as the Fangs, who round up families for “processing” in a mysterious black carriage. Janner Igiby (Alkaio Thiele) lives with his mom Nia (Jodi Benson), musical sister Leeli (Romy Fay), grumpy grandfather Podo (Kevin McNally), and younger brother Tink (Griffin Robert Faulkner). The family is headed into town to celebrate Dragon Day. When they run into trouble at the festival, they discover a deep secret about the sea dragons that are swimming past the town.

This is a truly epic animated series. I was so impressed with the character designs, the dragon work, the action sequences, and the overall illustrations. Kudos out to the animation team who brought their A-game to the show and made a treat for the eyes. The only note I have is that there were a few scenes that could have flowed slightly better where it looked more like stop-motion than animation.

It is not just the animation that impressed me. I also thought the music was impressive and complemented the events that were happening on screen. I would be remiss if I did not mention the cast. Everyone did an excellent job and I applaud them for making their characters unique.

Since I am not familiar with the novel series, I cannot compare it in that way. As a television show, the pilot is a brilliant first step and I cannot wait to see the rest of the season.

Check out the trailer below:


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