‘The Dragon Throne: Alveria Dragon Akademy Book 3’ Novel Highlight

The Dragon Throne is the final book in the “Alveria Dragon Akademy” trilogy by novelist Ava Richardson. It is a fantasy series that has conspiracies, magic, and more importantly, dragons.

GoodReads describes the synopsis as follows,

“Invasion is imminent. Skirmishes have erupted all across Alveria’s borders, but the lingering effects of the sickness have left the dragon guard weakened. Unprepared for a strike at the heart of the kingdom, difficult alliances must now be made to protect them all.

Circumstances at the Akademy are no better. Kaelan Younger’s attempts to learn more about her renegade father and the Terra dragon fighting for the enemy are complicated by tapestries that refuse to reveal their secrets. And when the queen’s efforts to stop the war involve Prince Lasaro, Kaelan is forced to confront the growing feelings she has for her dragon.

Their only hope to stem the tide of war is to find the long-forgotten Standing Stones and harness its ancient power. It is there that Kaelan and Lasaro’s love will face the greatest test.

And one will make the ultimate sacrifice.”

The finale is epic and brings the story to a close. I loved how Kaelan’s character is designed. She is not a Mary Sue and definitely faces the negative consequences when she messed up. However, she learns from them and this helps her in the plot, especially with her forbidden romance with Prince Lasaro. I enjoyed all three books and this final entry brings the series to an epic close.

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