‘A Man And His Cat’ Volume 6 Manga Highlight

Square Enix publishes volume six of A Man And His Cat created by Umi Sakurai and translated into English by Taylor Engel. It is a slice-of-life comedy manga that explores a widowed man and his new cat.

With Fukumaru safe and sound, Mr. Kanda begins to consider getting back into music. Since the death of his wife, he has avoided music despite being a gifted concert pianist. However, as his happiness at being a pet owner increases, his friend Yoshiharu has a band and Mr. Kanda may play again. However, a jealous rival waits in the wings. Meanwhile, Mr. Kanda gets the chance to take care of Fukumaru’s sister Marin after her owner goes to Europe.

While the talent of Mr. Kanda as a pianist was certainly made known in previous volumes, this one explores his popularity within the music industry. We meet a new minor character named Geoffrey Lambert who is a talented concert pianist, but whose father, a fan of Kanda’s, refuses to acknowledge him. This puts Kanda, who seems to be oblivious to his fame, on a collision course with someone who is jealous of him. This seems to be the main plot of this manga while Mr. Kanda’s misadventures with Fukumaru season it.

I think this manga is lighthearted and fun. I like action and adrenaline, but this slow-paced story of kindness keeps me hooked and I cannot wait to see what is next.

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