‘Armorquest Genesis’ Graphic Novel Review

Armorquest Genesis is a 2006 fantasy comic book written by Ben Avery and illustrated by Sherwin Schwartzrock. This is a black-and-white version from Alias Enterprises and Community Comics.

The young man Jonas is living in his village just enjoying life until he finds a mysterious sword that is given to him by a mysterious shepherd. Soon after, he spots two evil dragons nearby. He warns his village which ignores his warnings and is chosen by the Emperor to be a squire in the Knights of the Way. Setting off with the sword, he meets Lady Kanika and the barbarian Bernard who agrees to teach him their skills. Along the way, he collects more armor and encounters evil dragons who want to destroy the kingdom and slaughter humans.

The artwork is simplistic, but it is still good. The character designs make it easy to identify who the characters and I like how they drew certain dragons. I especially like the sequences with Kanika flying, those were impressive. I understand there is a colorized version and I hope to get a hold of it someday.

As for the story, I enjoyed it. It was a Christian allegory, but it does not bog itself down with Christianese which was refreshing. It focused on the story and allowed the character to make mistakes, but showed how these allowed him to grow as a young hero. I liked that about it and I hope I can find the sequel so I can see how it ends.

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