‘Suburban Nightmare: The Menendez Brothers’ Documentary Review

Suburban Nightmare: The Menendez Brothers is a Tubi Original true crime documentary directed by Victoria Duley for Streetcar Entertainment.

On a summer night in 1989, Lyle and Erik Menendez call 911 claiming that an intruder murdered their parents. As the police investigate possible mob connections and shady business deals, the boys are on a spending spree. However, the police soon realize there are some inconsistencies in the brothers’ stories. When their psychiatrist comes forward with a confession, the police arrest them and a media circus ensues during their trial.

The documentary is well made with lots of interesting interviews, reenactments, and I genuinely enjoyed the narrator as she helped to keep the facts of the case together.

This being said, they let some of these weirdo podcast hosts spout some conspiracy theories as if they were facts. Several of the “experts” would just spout out smears against the victims Jose and Kitty Hernandez. It descended into victim-blaming as there is no proof whatsoever that the parents were anything but a little strict with their sons. One even claimed the murderers were “honest.” Bunk. They are psychotic liars and acting.

All of the other egregious accusations are just spouted by these psycho brothers who were clearly just after their parents’ money. It was two spoiled brats who were finally told “no” and they killed their parents for millions in inheritance dollars. Bottom line, end of story.

It is a shame to see these podcast hosts descend into these sort of ridiculous conspiracy theories. Now, they did allow for some pushback by interviewing the investigators and prosecutors. I was glad to see that because it is clear that these brothers were serial killers who slaughtered their parents due to greed.

Check out the trailer below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Disturbing topics, Crime elements, Gory images

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  1. This really was quite entertaining for my evening. I’m always amused by low IQ, bad faith “authors” who can’t actually have a conversation about evidence without sperging out about “HEARSAY” even if it was regarded as actual evidence during a trial. If you have kids I pray for them and if you don’t have kids then I hope you’re infertile or something so we have less low IQ individuals running around.

  2. “You can go back and read the comments. I don’t owe you any favors.”
    So you’re admitting that you didn’t actually refute anything.

    “And yes, not once did you offer any proof. All hearsay evidence. The brothers are lying psychos who murdered their parents. The family just wants to believe them. Fine. Doesn’t change the fact that they did murder their parents. Lied about it. Went on a spending spree. Then tried to victim-blame after they were caught. You can’t refute that so you’re throwing around schoolyard insults from your keyboard, but sometimes tells me you wouldn’t let them stay in your house if given the chance.”

    Seriously man you get offended by simple words? Were the brothers diagnosed as having anti social personality disorder? Because I don’t remember that being in any of their evaluations even the prosecution ones. It’s not exactly victim blaming if it’s true though.

    I’m throwing insults your way because triggering you is quite amusing and it’s always apt to insult people who know fuck all about what they’re writing about.

    • No, I’m saying you can read it on your own.

      LOL. The “no you” schtick is desperate. I didn’t say anti social personality disorder, so I don’t know where that come from…

      So you admit you started the insults. Thanks for admitting you responding with a bad faith argument.

      • You keep referring to them as psychopaths so I simply referred to the actual medical diagnosis that would go along with that since psychopath is not an actual term used in the scientific literature. You really are proving your own idiocy here.

        I think if you look back at the start of my comments you’ll find the only bad faith person here is you. You not only didn’t refute anything I listed which was corroborative evidence but then continue to assert your own beliefs like a robot.

        I’m sorry you get so triggered by a couple of mean words but I’ve been incredibly good faith here. Giving you opportunity after opportunity to actually refute evidence but you refuse to do so.

      • Blowing away two people on a couch with a shotgun and their spending spree definitely shows the lack of guilt they have, so yes, psychos.

        Confession through projection again. You started the insults, but are freaking out because I clapped back. You said had proof, you failed to produce it, so yes, I refuted it. Easily, in fact. You seem to be the one who is repetive with beliefs, not facts.

        Again, you admit you throw out “mean words” but deny you’re doing so in bad faith. That’s kind of contradictory, dude. And I have. You have offered 0 evidence that the boys did any sort of revenge killing or self-defense. None.

  3. You guys really are as bad as those commie lefties online. You do realise that when you put something out online that people are free to respond. It’s the same thing when you present facts and evidence to hardcore liberals. There’s just something in your brain that prevents you from having any sort of good faith conversation.

    I arrived on this site because a friend linked me the review. I didn’t seek it out on my own and thank god I didn’t because this shit is embarrassing man. Maybe leave the TrueCrime reviews to people who are actually experienced in the field.

    • Like you? You immediately went into insults when I challenged you (heaven forbid, I know.)

      Nah, I’ll do what I want. I know Commies like to tell us what to do, but I’ll keep writing them. What’s more embarrassing is victim-blaming people killed by psychos.

      • If you want to look back at the comments you’ll see I started insulting you after referring to me “shilling for murderers”. Don’t play with fire if you can’t handle the heat.

        It’s not victim blaming if it’s true and you haven’t proven anything isn’t true 🙂

      • I know you only want to go back as far as it helps you, but you opened by saying “ignorance is not a good look.” That was you. It seems you’re the one who can’t handle the heat.

        That’s not how the system works. You have to prove a crime is true. No one has proved the parents did anything but be strict with them. Innocent until PROVEN guilty. The psycho broths were proven guilty.

  4. Oh never mind you’re a Daily Wire and Fox News contributor. That explains so much. Really living up to the ignorant stereotypes. Presented with facts and evidence provided in court and still refuses to accept his own incompetence.

    Now I just feel sad for you. It was nice chatting though. Thanks for not refuting anything I actually listed.

      • Ah look at the conservative in his natural habitat. He’s frightened and cornered so he has to resort to name calling

        Okay sir. Please if you’ve already done it why don’t you just copy and paste line by line where you went down everything I stated and refuted it. Because as far as I can see all I’ve noticed you do is call everything hearsay even when it’s not actually hearsay and say not only the brothers are lying but also their entire family is which is quite the big claim without you showing any evidence for it.

      • I thought you were done? But oh well. That was you, bro. You brought in the insults and now you’re a throwing a hissy fit. It’s fun to watch.

        You can go back and read the comments. I don’t owe you any favors.

        And yes, not once did you offer any proof. All hearsay evidence. The brothers are lying psychos who murdered their parents. The family just wants to believe them. Fine. Doesn’t change the fact that they did murder their parents. Lied about it. Went on a spending spree. Then tried to victim-blame after they were caught. You can’t refute that so you’re throwing around schoolyard insults from your keyboard, but sometimes tells me you wouldn’t let them stay in your house if given the chance.

  5. Once again you haven’t refuted anything I listed which was provided as corroborative evidence. I think I’d rather side with the experts who have worked with child abuse survivors for countless years some of whom mostly worked prosecution cases to catch people out who were lying. But nah random schmuck thinks he can do their job better than them. Give me a break

    If you’re suggesting they did it for money then why did the psychologist himself say that the motive wasn’t money?

    Why do body language experts say that their body language indicates they’re being truthful?

    It’s fucking hilarious how people can get shown information contradicting their beliefs but still say “nah no way”.

    • Dude, you’re the random schmuck in this case. What you’re calling “corrobarating” evidence is hearsay. And no, I don’t care what a bunch of experts say after the two psychos had a chance to get their act together.

      You mean the one being paid by them and who was having an affair? Beats me.

      Again, they’re faking. Experts get fooled all the time.

      Yeah, what is that like? You’re the expert on that.

      • School and medical records are hearsay? Therapy notes are hearsay? If I wasn’t already curious about your level of intelligence I certainly am now.

        The psychologist who testified for the prosecution against them. That’s the one. He testified in court that money was not the motive.

        “Again, they’re faking. Experts get fooled all the time” Gonna need a citation on that one sir. Got any statistics or in this case any actual factual knowledge to prove experts were fooled?

        I don’t know man. All you’re doing is showing yourself to be ignorant. How’s your Youtube channel going? Any more engagement? Getting to 100 views on a video is pretty tough but it’s a great achievement man. Well done

      • The ones that people just randomly said, “that’s fits the narrative.” And yes, those therapists were awful. Throwing out insults doesn’t help your cause.

        So? Doesn’t change my opinion. They wanted money and blew their parents away. Their spending spree afterwards was proof of that.

        I guess you missed the Ed Kemper example.

        At least I’m not simping for two murderers and victim-blaming. Being a jerk doesn’t make you right, but well done.

  6. I appreciate the general interest in the case but you’re really being reductive about it. The documentary was fine but your review has some inaccuracies. The “psychiatrist” never came forward with a confession. His mistress did after he gossiped with her about it. He never wanted to get the brothers arrested . Also a serial killer is someone who kills 3 or more people for at least over a month so it’s not accurate to call them that.

    To say that there was “no proof whatsover” about what the brothers claim their parents did is a lie. There were suspicious naked photographs taken of them as children which were presented during trial, doctors records, school records and a whole host of family members who corroborated different aspects of the parents being abusive, one of which still to this day says that Lyle had told her about the sexual abuse when they were both children. This is only the tip of the iceberg and is part of the reason why their first trial ended in a hung jury. I highly recommend watching the trial itself or more documentaries such as The Menendez Murders: Erik Tells All to give you more understanding of the family itself and family members.

    I expected more thoughtfulness and in depth analysis from someone who’s a fellow Evangelion fan.

    • The documentary said the psychiatrist brought it forward, so if that was a mistake, that was on them. They thrill killed their own parents for their money, so apologies. I should have said “serial killers in the making.”

      I actually have watched multiple documentaries on the case of these murderers. A lot of speculation, gossip, and hearsay evidence was presented against their victims, but again, nothing to concretely say they were anything but spoiled brats who wanted to go on a spending spree.

      It’s not a lie to say there was no proof, especially since you didn’t offer proof that it was a lie. Also, I’m not going to take the word of a cold-blooded killer. How do you know Lyle wasn’t lying so he and his partner in crime could garner sympathy? They’re proven liars, so why should I believe them? I don’t.

      • I think someone (Erik Menendez) who says in his confession tape “what I did, I did because I had no choice”, “I regret it, I would have taken any other choice” “I had no choice” while his brother talks about considering suicide are hardly serial killers in the making. This is reinforced by their own probation report from jail which concluded they were not a danger or threat to anyone.

        Sure I would agree that there’s no 100% proof but if victims had to rely on that then the state would never be able to prosecute many rape and child abuse cases. There was however a heck of a lot of corroborative evidence which included naked photographs of genitals, Erik having an unexplained injury to the back of his throat at age 7 consistent with oral copulation, school records indicating behaviour consistent with abuse victims such as frequent crying, dissociating, playing with stuff animals as teenagers, uncomfortable with physical touch and discussions of sex. Two cousins testifying that they were told of the abuse as children. Kitty Menendez telling her therapist six weeks before her death she was “hiding sick and embarrassing secrets” They were also evaluated by some of the countries leading experts in child abuse and rape trauma, all of which came away asserting that they had indeed been abused and molested. These included Dr John Conte, Dr Stuart Hart, Dr Ann Tyler and Dr Ann Burgess. Dr Burgess you should know of if you’re a True Crime fan. She worked for the FBI and co authored the Crime Classification Manual and evaluated Erik Menendez for over 50 hours.

        All of this is corroborative evidence and if the state was prosecuting a child abuse case they’d be over the moon with this much corroboration.

        What do you mean by “how do you know Lyle wasn’t lying”. This was an admission by Lyle around age 6 to his older cousin. You think people cold bloodily kill their parents for money and then their entire family decide to side with them and lie for them for over 30 years?

        Seriously man this case is way more complex than what you may initially think. The vast majority of parricide cases are the result of abuse and this one is no different. I’m not asking you to believe them. Just letting you know that ignorance isn’t a good look.

      • A lot of murderers claim to regret it later. That’s not unsusual. Also, I wouldn’t believe “probation hearings.” They release people who commit more crimes every day.

        Once again, you admit there is no proof. More hearsay. Also, psychopaths have been fooling the “experts” for… ever. Ed Kemper was thanking his psychiatrist while he had a dead body in his trunk.

        Again, how do you know Lyle wasn’t lying? Or the cousin? These psychos are expert liars and have been caught in many. The family feel sorry for them because of the crocodile tears. It’s more than likely they can’t believe those psychos couldn’t do it with out a good reason. They had one: money.

        It’s not complex. They wanted money. They killed their parents for it and then shed crocodile tears. That’s not ignorance, it’s a fact. The shilling for these two murderers is not a good look.

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