5 Awesome Covers Of MHA Song “Hero Too”

“Hero Too” is a song performed by the students of Class 1-A at the UA High School Festival to celebrate their classmates during the fourth season of the show. The song is composed by Yuki Hayashi, written by Ayapeta, and performed by Chrissy Clark. Many singers have covered it since its release and here are my 5 favorite versions.

Caleb Hyles

Joining his library of epic anime covers, Hyles brings us a pop rock version of the song with all of the love he can for the original. He definitely seems to enjoy it and that makes this version so much fun to listen to.


Cloudjumper does an epic version of the song featuring Ginoza as the singer. It brings us some cool instruments and lots of epic sounds that brings it home.


Singer and voice talent AmaLee brings us a more pop version of the song. She takes its already upbeat sound and puts her own flare on it, bringing one sleek homage to the original. It was impressive and cool to jam with.


Raon Lee drops her epic voice and covers the song to the fullest extent. It is one you do not want to miss, especially if you love My Hero Academia.

Jonathan Young

I’ve discussed this version before. Young brings the song to its metal roots and makes his cover bring down the house.

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