‘A Man And His Cat’ Volume 5 Manga Highlight

The fifth volume of the Square Enix slice-of-life manga A Man And His Cat by Umi Sakura continues the tale of Mr. Kanda and his new cat.

Fukumaru is enjoying life as Mr. Kanda’s pet whom he calls “Daddy” in his mind. However, he spots one of his fellow kittens from the pet store, a black cat named Moja. His friend is lost, cold, and afraid, so Fukumaru dashes out to save him. However, he too gets lost. Mr. Kanda calls his friends and together they set out to find the cat.

For anyone who has lost a pet, this one will resonate with you. Sakura does an amazing job of making you feel all of the worry that Mr. Kanda feels about losing Fukumaru and his desperate search in trying to find him. I also love how Mr. Kanda takes time to help another person who lost their pet as well, showing a sense of community.

This one also does a good job of showing the secondary characters. Friends and rivals all work together to help Mr. Kanda, showing a strong sense of community. In this volume, you definitely see how Mr. Kanda is a Mr. Rogers-like person whose life was sad after the loss of his wife, but now has a growing group of friends thanks to his goofy pet. This manga definitely shows us how a little bit of kindness can go a long way.

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