‘A Man And His Cat’ Volume 4 Manga Highlight

Japanese artist and author Umi Sakurai brings us A Man And His Cat, a slice-of-life drama. Entering its fourth volume, it is published by Square Enix who also brought it to North America.

Concert pianist Kanade Hibino gets a surprise visit from his flighty mother who promptly leaves a pet cat named Marin on his doorstep. Frustrated, Hibino considers ditching the cat at first, but can’t over how cute he is. Going to the pet store, he runs into his old rival Mr. Kanda. He is angry to discover his rivalry was one-sided but is shocked to discover Kanda also has a cat named Fukumaru. Hibino surprises himself with how much he likes the cat and how much he actually likes his formal rival.

Mr. Kanda is a man hurting after the loss of his wife and he finds joy with a cat. From there, he begins to make more friends and comes to find healing. It is fun to read and observe.

Normally I would ignore these kinds of stories, especially since it is about a pet cat. Instead, I find this to be an interesting read to chill to. In a world where everything is fast-paced and mean-spirited, I enjoyed this slowdown and good nature. This volume is no different. It is something special and I enjoyed reading it.

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