‘Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody’ Volume 5 Manga Highlight

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody is a manga based on Hiro Ainana’s light novel from the Japanese publisher Fujimi Shobo. It is illustrated by Ayamegumu. Yen Press handled the USA publishing.

Satou makes it out of the collapsing citadel, he saves the robotic servant number seven. Her sisters ask that they be allowed to pay tribute to their master, to which he agrees, though Seven stays behind and takes the name Nana. Reunited with his friends, Arisa, Liza, Lulu, and the others, he agrees to escort Elf Princess Mia back to her homeland. Along the way, he ponders what he learned in the citadel and what could happen next.

This one pumps the break and acts as a filler. He and his friends are traveling to Mia’s homeland, but nothing really happens except for a brief moment when they help some of the elf’s guards. It was still interesting and you get further developments as Satou and Mia discuss what is going on.

I mentioned this earlier, but I like the artwork. An illustrator known as Shri handles the character designs and is fantastic. Each one is unique, especially the beastfolk characters. They really pop and come to life.

Though this volume was a bit slow, it was cool seeing Satou’s journey continue and I am curious to see where it is headed as he ponders why he is lost in this world.

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