‘Batman: The Imposter’ Graphic Novel Review

BatmanThe Imposter is a 2022 DC Comics Black Label release that collects all three parts in the comic book miniseries. Allegedly, it is connected to the Matt Reeves film. It is written by Mattson Tomlin with artwork from Andrea Sorrentino and coloring by Jordie Bellaire.

Dr. Leslie Thompkins is stunned to discover that Bruce Wayne is the Gotham City vigilante known as Batman. However, the Dark Knight has been accused of committing very public murders, but Wayne insists he is innocent. She tells him she will not expose his secret if he tells her about his investigation into this imposter which involves the Ratcatcher and Arnold Wesker.

Like I said about the issues, the artwork is a bit confusing. It feels like they are going for a “modern pulp” look, but this gives all of the characters, outside of Batman in the Batsuit, just a generic look. That is not to say it was bad, it just did not give anything special to the characters. Also, Bruce Wayne does not resemble Robert Pattinson, although the comic book is supposed to be attached to the Matt Reeves film The Batman.

As for the plot, I like the overall idea of Bruce Wayne getting close to a GCPD detective and chasing after an imposter who is framing him. It is the supporting elements that I did not like. Bruce mentions that his father “was not always kind.” I am not a fan of this smearing of Thomas Wayne, who was supposed to be a good person whose altruism got him killed. It has this weird sidebar where it mentions in flashbacks that when Bruce was a child, his anger was so out of control that Alfred sent him to a Russian military school where he vanished. This “subversion” of fan expectations are gross and yes, different universe, blah blah blah. It did not help me enjoy it in the least.

Instead of focusing on crime-fighting, Bruce is more angsty than serious which was sort of a failure to portray him as angry. I also do not understand his motivations. If his father was “unkind,” as one issue notes, why would he want to avenge him? This tampering with Batman’s origins in order to make the character as troubled as the villains he fights is preposterous and shows a lack of imagination on the part of DC Comics.

Honestly, it did not “wow” me, but it did make me feel like Mattson Tomlin has only read The Dark Knight Returns. It seems while Frank Miller is getting banned from Comic Conventions, other writers are stealing, excuse me, paying homage to his arrogant, violent, and brutal version of the Dark Knight. It would be nice to get some originality in regards to the character.

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