‘Wild Crime: A Murder In Yosemite’ True Crime Docuseries Review

Wild Crime: A Murder In Yosemite is the second season of the true crime series. It was developed by ABC News and Lone Wolf Productions with Lisa Q. Wolfinger serving as director and an executive producer.

Some tourists visiting Yosemite National Park in California discover a severed hand from a Jane Doe. Investigators are desperate to identify the victim and determine whether or not she was murdered. With the Parks department and law enforcement working together, they have very little evidence. As the case stalls from internal conflicts, a clue from Texas may hint that convicted serial killer Henry Lee Lucas may have been involved. With no answers, the case goes cold, until DNA reveals the victim’s identity and a link to a cult leader still at large,

The four-part documentary series follows the investigation into the death Patricia “Patty” Hicks Dahlstrom, who was known for several decades as the Yosemite Summit Meadow Jane Doe. She was a woman who was well-liked by friends and family, but the tragic death of her brother drove her to join a cult. She would vanish soon after and until that day in 1983.

It is expertly put together as a true crime TV show. No narrator was present, but through interviews with those involved, we get a picture of the missteps, but also the triumphs of the case. It is a compelling story that involves known hoaxer Henry Lee Lucas, who claimed to have murdered hundreds, though he was convicted of three and successfully connected to less than a dozen. Some still think he is involved, but his death put a speed bump in that part of the investigation. The cult leader would vanish before his trial and the documentary makes it clear he is still out there. It was compelling and tragedy that Patty has not found justice yet.

Check out the trailer below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Disturbing topics, Crime elements

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