‘The Real Anthony Fauci’ Documentary Review

Based on the book by environmentalist lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr., The Real Anthony Fauci is a two-part documentary directed by Kala Mandrake.

When the coronavirus outbreak happened, one face became known to the American public as the one standing for “the science.” That man was NIH Director Anthony Fauci and he continues to haunt the media. However, who is this man? Where did he come from? How has he worked at the NIH for so long? Kennedy explores Fauci’s hidden past, revealing corruption, conflicts of interest, and even a disregard for ethics.

One of the most illuminating parts of the documentary was how Fauci peddled ADZ as a treatment for the AIDs epidemic. Any dissenting voices to his official press release were mocked and disregarded. There is a similar pattern in regard to coronavirus. Fauci did not meet a camera he did not want to yell at and that could be his downfall.

Unlike the glowing propaganda film that Disney put out, this documentary was fearless in its pursuit of the truth behind what is going on behind the scenes with government regulators who are supposed to be protecting Americans when it comes to healthcare.

The tail end of it does sort of veer into a commercial for Ted Kennedy Jr.s organization, but it is his documentary, so I’ll let it slide. There were a few topics I do not agree with Kennedy on, but this issue of Fauci’s fraud overrides those issues.

With this in mind, I went into this skeptical but I came out wondering how the federal health “experts” get away with so much. Fauci has gotten it wrong so many times and somehow he is the highest-paid government official. It is one of the most bizarre things to happen, but it seems in politics, you can fail upwards.

The documentary is an impressive look at the evidence not to mention a feature from which Americans can learn a great deal.

Check out this clip below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Disturbing medical topics, Minor blood

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