Sister Etter: “Preach Jesus”

Maria Woodworth-Etter (July 22, 1844–September 16, 1924) aka Sister Etter was an evangelist who traveled throughout the United States, preaching about the healing power of Christ. Her words led thousands to the Gospel and she never wavered in her mission to preach to everyone. Here are my top 10 quotes favorite from Sister Etter:

“Preach Jesus and hold unto God until the signs follow. There is something wrong unless they do follow. Don’t wait until you have any special gift. Believe you can do it and it will be done.”

“I heard the voice of Jesus calling me to go out in the highways and hedges and gather in the lost sheep.”

“In all these trials God was preparing me and opening the way for the great battle against the enemy of souls and now the great desire of my heart was to work for Jesus. I longed to win a star for the Savior’s crown.”

“I find that the earnest followers of Christ have very little rest here. Like our Master, we must be about our Father’s business.”

“God did not disappoint me.”

“Paul says preaching has to be with demonstration of the Spirit and of power. The Holy Ghost bears witness with signs and miracles; unless these attend our ministry we cannot succeed.”

“Results have proved that minute setting forth of doctrine and theological distinctions are not only non-essential but their absence is strongly conducive to the spirituality of the Church of God, and the success of its work.”

“We can talk until we are hoarse and they won’t be convinced, but the power of God convinces them. Don’t wait for manifestations before you go forth and do something. When you are weakest, then you are strong. Let us go out and work miracles. Then the people will glorify God.”

“If you from sin are longing to be free, Look to the Lamb of God. He, to redeem you, died on Calvary, Look to the Lamb of God.”


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