‘Fairy Tail: Ice Trail’ Volume 2 Manga Highlight

Telling the story of the ice wizard Gray Fullbuster, this manga is based on Hiro Mashima’s fantasy manga. Fairy Tail: Ice Trail Volume 2 is a 2015 prequel written by and drawn by Yuusuke Shirato for Kodansha Comics.

Continuing his journey of redemption and self-discovery, Gray, hearing about the wizard guild known as Fairy Tail, is heading to the land of Magnolia where it resides. To his surprise, he picks up two tag-alongs who claim to be his friends. Along the way, he helps out some friends and remembers the lessons of his master Ur, who trained him to use his ice magic.

Gray Fullbuster is one of the coolest ice wizards to come from the manga and anime Fairy Tail. To watch him go from a sulking loner to a powerful warrior, even as a kid. His power is unmatched and I appreciate how the illustrations bring out his abilities, as well as those of his enemies.

The story was very compelling and I liked the appearances of familiar characters from the anime. it was cool, sleek, and gave us an origin story that was pretty cool. You see betrayal, grief, and hurt as Gray is fully explored. While the show did explore his background, this provides a more focused moment in his life and help bring the mythology to fruition.

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