Movie Review Flashback- Child’s Play 3

Released in 1991, Child’s Play 3 is the last entry in the original “Chucky” trilogy. It was directed by Jack Bender and written by Don Mancini, who co-created the franchise. It was released by Universal Pictures.

Andy Barclay (Justin Whalin) arrives at Kent Military School, seeking to put his past behind him. Still, he immediately becomes the target of bully Cadet Lt. Col. Brett C. Shelton (Travis Fine). He befriends cadets Ronald Tyler (Jeremy Sylvers), Kristin De Silva (Perrey Reeves), and Harold Whitehurst (Dean Jacobson). Meanwhile, Chucky (Brad Dourif) awakens after being rebuilt. Wanting revenge on Andy, he travels to Kent only to be intercepted by Ronald, who thinks he is just a “new and improved” Good Boy Doll. Chucky then begins a terror campaign, intent on transferring his to Ronald while terrorizing Andy.

So… this one is interesting. While it has some frightening moments, this feature lives up to the trope that characters in horror films make the poorest choices for survival. I mean, seriously, the characters in this movie are downright stupid at times.

For instance, Chucky is clearly sinister, but Ronald continues to ally with him even after warnings from Andy, thinking it is a game. Also, when Andy realizes Chucky has returned, he knows no one will believe him, but instead of coming up with a plan, he just sort of goes along to get along.

Now, the setting was interesting, being at a military school. You rarely see horror films with that placement and I found that part of it unique. I do wish they had gone into more detail as to why Andy chose that path, but it is glossed over and we never learn where is his mother is.

Also, they sort of fell into several nineties tropes that made a movie cheesy. The girl falls for the guy who is different. The bully gets away with everything with virtually no consequences. The side characters get no resolution. The music was lame. All of this ruined the final product.

Ironically, the character who did the most planning was Chucky. He actually thought it out and was just as creepy as ever. The problem was the plot and the other characters.

Bottom line, Child’s Play 3 is the worst of the original trilogy. While it had a good setting and Chucky is as evil as ever, its fall into typical horror tropes derails it.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Strong bloody violence, Strong foul language

FAVORITE QUOTE: Just like the good ol’ days. Nothin’ like a good strangulation to get the circulation going.

Check out the trailer below:

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