‘A Man And His Cat’ Volume 3 Manga Highlight

A Man and His Cat is a good ol’ fashioned slice-of-life manga written and illustrated by Umi Sakurai. It is published by the Japanese entertainment studio Square Enix, who also translated it into English for a North American audience.

Mr. Kanda is still getting used to his life as the owner of the tubby cat Fukamaru. Besides the usual struggles with becoming a pet owner, we also get glimpses into the cat’s early life as the runt of the litter and how his siblings all vanished one day. We also get a glimpse into Mr. Kanda’s past as a concert pianist, while also visiting one of his rivals.

Sometimes, you just want to slow down and read something that is a bit more chill. This series continues to be that for me. I am not a cat person by any stretch, but watching how a widower becomes a fur parent to a strange little cat is actually kind of gratifying. Like the previous installments, I was hesitant to read it, but its art and optimistic view of life won me over. I’m enjoying them a great deal now.

It is a simple story, but with complex characters and it helps you to relax as you read the story of Mr. Kanda becoming a pet owner and Fukamaru becoming a pet.

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