J.R.R. Tolkien Told Eagle Snobs To “Shut Up.” His Fans Should Learn From This.

The Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien was constantly pestered by the question of why the Eagles of Middle Earth did not fly the Fellowship to Mordor to dispose of the One Ring.

This question still pesters fans to this day. Of course, the answer is that the Ring Wraiths had creatures that could fly, as revealed in The Two Towers. So this Eagle snobbery is boring and shows a lack of knowledge of the novels.

However, Tolkien, as sophisticated as he was, had a simple two-word response: “shut up.”

Don’t believe me? Here is Tolkien during a radio interview where he gives this answer:

This is a wild story. It definitely shows that someone as learned and scholarly as Tolkien could be savage when the chips are down. Quite frankly, I think this is the same sort of attitude fans should take against those that would scold us.

Now, I am not talking about folks who just generally do not enjoy The Lord of the Rings nor am I advocating trolling of any kind. I am saying that those of us who are inspired by Middle Earth should echo Tolkien.

If someone in the media, the entertainment industry, or a social network declares that if you do not think Tolkien’s works should reflect the “modern world” or “modern sensibilities,” that makes you a bigot, just say, “shut up.”

The media and the entertainment industry do not get to lecture fans of a classic work of fantasy fiction on what they should enjoy or how they react to it. Whether they are writer, showrunner, director, or celebrity, their opinion does not matter in the slightest. Some may pretend like they do, but we can stand up and say, “No, we do not like this adaption.”

That does not just encompass Middle Earth. Whether it be the streets of Gotham, a galaxy far far away, a time-traveling police box, or a band of assembling heroes, it is okay for you NOT to like it and talk about it. Now, do not exclusively talk about the stuff you hate, but do not let anyone in the media, entertainment industry, or some anonymous bot on a social network tries to bully you into agreeing with them.

Like Tolkien, hold your ground, stand tall, and say what you think. Talk low, talk slow, don’t say too much, and keep it as simple as “shut up.” Like what you like. Like how it used to be and enjoy it. It is entertainment and no one should call you a bigot for that reason.

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