‘Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody’ Volume 4 Manga Highlight

From author Hiro Ainana and illustrator Ayamegumu, Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody is a manga from the Japanese publishing company Kadokawa and Yen Press for North America. With Volume Four, Satou faces his greatest challenge yet.

After the Undead King Zen kidnaps the Elven princess Mia, Satou follows him through a portal and finds himself trapped in the “Cradle,” a massive tower. He must ascend to the 200th floor and rescue Mia, but along the way, he runs into several deadly obstacles. Using all of his wits, he has to make it to the top to find out when Zen is up to.

This particular volume was unique because, for the last two-thirds of the book, Satou is pretty much on his own. Sure, his entourage is at the beginning, but only to solidify their connection with Mia.

I do wish we would have seen more of Zen. He just sort of shows up to kidnap Mia, causes some destruction, and then we do not see him again until the climax. He is a terrifying villain that has some good depth.

Because Satou is somewhat OP’ed, he has barely faced anyone who could hurt him. In the Cradle, he faces several enemies who challenge him. That raised the stakes for this volume and made the magical force behind it more exciting.

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