‘Black Hops x Kamen America x SoulFinder’ Graphic Novel Review

From the minds of Timothy Lim, Mark Pellegrini, and Douglas Ernst comes the epic Iconic Comics crossover graphic novel Black Hops x Kamen America x SoulFinder.

The Black Hops unit brings in SoulFinder member Father Retter and Kamen Corp addition Kamen Victory to lead villains Vermillion Masquerade, Hare Trigger, and a cryptid jack-a-lope called Jack-Knife to search for escaped villains, but they are surprised when a mysterious creature shows itself.

I am not as versed in SoulFinder as I am with Black Hops and Kamen America, so when I saw they were joining this shared universe, I was hesitant. Fortunately, my reservations were unnecessary. This is not the crossover we asked for, but it is the one we needed. We have sci-fi action, supernatural creatures, heroes, and villains who bring you on one epic adventure.

Once again, the artwork is top-notch. I love how it is inspired by manga and how vibrant it was. I have noticed a trend in comic books where they want to make everything look bleak. However, the illustrations here manage to keep it vibrant and flowing.

If you get the chance to get it when it is available for a wider audience, definitely take the opportunity. Iconic Comics continues to deliver excellent material while expanding their universe.

You can check out the cover here:

In full disclosure, I backed the crowdfunding campaign for it and would do so again.

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