‘Isom’ Issue One Comic Book Review

Eric July’s new comic book publisher Rippaverse released its premier issue of Isom. Written by July, Cliff Richards worked on it as the artist with Gabe Eltaeb handling the colors.

In West Florespark, the superhero team Alphacore is dealing with a new super-powered human named Yaira. Meanwhile, Avery, a former hero, gets a call from his sister asking for help in locating one of their friends. Avery drives into town but finds himself roughed up by some thugs and has an accidental run-in with Yaira. This makes him want to save their friend, even if it means getting back into the superhero game.

When it came to the campaign for Isom, July promised that his comic books would not be politically correct or pander to a particular audience. He did deliver on that front. That in itself would not necessarily make it good. So is it?

The answer is yes. The story is very compelling, fun, and it never missed a beat. I found myself hooked on Avery’s story as well as the teases of the wider Rippaverse Comics world. I found Avery and his sister to be relatable and his quest to help their friend is one anyone with strength would take on.

The same goes for the artwork. Richards is impressive, especially with the action. Likewise, Eltaeb makes the colors come alive.

I can honestly say that the comic book is done with excellence and is a blast to read. I cannot wait to see what is next for the Rippaverse as it continues to evolve and put out new content.

You can check out cover A below:

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