‘The Dragon Sickness: Alveria Dragon Akademy Book 2’ Novel Highlight

The “Alveria Dragon Akademy” series by novelist Ava Richardson continues with The Dragon Sickness. It is the second book in the fantasy fiction trilogy.

GoodReads describes the synopsis as follows,

“It’s official. Kaelan Younger has finally been accepted as a dragon tamer at the Akademy. Yet even as she begins to learn the extent of her powers, a mysterious illness stalks the dragons and threatens Prince Lasaro.

More than her bond with the prince is endangered when Kaelan seeks help from a most unlikely source. As a result, the lies to cover her deception mount. But with the enemy’s armies gathering at Alveria’s borders, Kaelan will do whatever it takes to save those she has sworn to protect—even if it means sacrificing herself.

Now Kaelan and Lasaro must find a way to heal the dragons and harness the depth of their connection in order to stop the treachery from within. If not, a once great nation will fall.”

Kaelan is one compelling character. I like how this book expands her character development from book one by showing her relationship with her real father as well as her budding romance with the Prince. Now there was a lot going on. As the dragons get sicker, questions about the Prince’s regal duties haunt him, and Kaelan’s inability to tell the truth about her parentage also plays into this. It came together in a big way, making it exciting and thrilling.

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