‘Fairy Tail: Ice Trail’ Volume 1 Manga Highlight

Based on Hiro Mashima’s fantasy manga, Fairy Tail: Ice Trail is a 2015 prequel written by and drawn by Yuusuke Shirato for Kodansha Comics. It tells the story of Grey Fullbuster, the ice wizard and later demon slayer.

Shortly after the death of his teacher Ur, Grey is just wandering around in the North, trying to find a purpose. Still a kid, he manages to save a girl from a cult that wants to hatch a demon egg, but then gets up in a conspiracy to break a villain out of the magic prison Black Vox. Just when things look bad, the powerful wizard Gildarts arrives to help Grey, telling him of a special wizard guild in Magnolia.

Grey Fullbuster is one of the best wizards in the anime and while we get a glimpse of his past with Ur, we do not see what happens in between. Shortly after the death of his master we see his journey, how he uses his arrogance as an emotional shield, and just how powerful he truly is.

While the story is not as good as the anime, it was a fun ride and a cool glimpse of Grey’s past. The artwork and the plot were pretty thrilling. It was cool and kept me gripped by the whole thing. It is no wonder manga, even older manga, is overtaking comic books.

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