Unboxing ‘Black Hop x Kamen America x SoulFinder’ Comic Book | StudioJake

“On the path to redemption, a trio of former villains must team up with the Vatican’s combat exorcists to thwart a diabolical plan.”

Kamen America, Black Hops, and SoulFinder are back for an epic crossover that no one expected. I proudly supported the crowdfunding efforts and with my package arriving, I do one epic unboxing for my Comics, Cartoons, and Cola segment.

Check out the vidcast below:

I am very excited to read this graphic novel. It was the crossover that we did not know we needed, but with the mainstream comic book publishers being a desert, it is one I am excited that I get to read.

“BLACK HOPS is the United States’ special task force comprised of various operators, specialists, and the modern day cryptids that make the team so unique,” the campaign describes. “Their mission: eliminate the shadowy criminal organization known as CRYPTIQ and its leader, APEX MOTH, who seeks to weaponize cryptids for a grand, sinister plot that remains as unknown and mysterious as he is.”

They added, “Joining them will be Father Patrick Retter of the Soulfinders — a small, elite group of trained exorcists with combat experience. Their primary, ancient mission is to stop the cult of the demon Blackfire, who tempts his subjects into willingly subjecting themselves to possession. Father Retter has expertise in the fields of demonology and the occult, two important details that make him suitable as an operator for this particular mission.”

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