Audio Adrenaline: “Some Kind Of Zombie” Music Review

Let us take a journey back in time. It is 1997 and Christian alternative rock is breaking through the man-made religiosity that only wants funeral music. Audio Adrenaline, with singer Mark Stuart as the frontman, brings us “Some Kind Of Zombie.” The third song and title of their fourth album. It would even breach the secular charts as number 99 in Billboard magazine.

Stuart describes the song as being based on the third chapter of Colossians discussing “giving life over to God” and “you can be dead to your old self after becoming a new person through religion.” He also tapped into his experience of his family working as Christian missionaries in Haiti.

For me, I jammed to it frequently. It is a powerful song and definitely one of their best. Its message of giving your entire life over to God was challenging, but it also shows how that gives you true freedom. Being dead to the world, but alive through our love for Jesus Christ.

I love the music video which also highlights the frightening, but true message of the song.

One of the things is it highlights how talented the band members were as musicians. It had a composition that was truly driven and could bring it about with no issue. If you feel nostalgic, it is definitely one to look up.

Check out the music video below:

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